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Well Maintenance

Even the best constructed wells are at risk of contamination from both natural and man-made sources. Routine well maintenance is key to ensuring the long-term safety of private water supplies.

Domestic supply well. Photo from USGS circular 1354 “Water Quality in the Principal Aquifers of the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley and Ridge Regions, Eastern United States, 1993 – 2009.”

There are some routine methods to protect wells from contamination. First is to keep hazardous materials such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, chemicals, and fuel far away from wells and water sources. Second is to maintain separation between the well and homes, garages, and storage facilities on site. Third is to maintain the integrity of the well itself by testing for mechanical integrity of the casing and by checking that the well cover or well cap is intact and secure. Testing water quality is the only way to ensure that contamination is not present.

Images: “Danger Sign” by Kim Britten via Shutterstock