Top Energy Training

What Makes TOP Energy Training your number one choice?

When you take a TOP Energy Training course, you’ll enjoy high-quality content without a lot of noise. We’ve joined some of the best instructors with professional video and interactive content, and packaged it together for you in shorter lessons and deeper courses. Take a look at what sets TOP Energy Training apart:

Instructional Videos

At TOP Energy Training, we know that multiple modalities of learning improve student engagement. We present technical information from subject matter experts through video, graphics, photos, and text to address a variety of learning styles. In our instructional video Core-log Correlation, Dr. Azra Tutuncu (d. 2019) of Colorado School of Mines engages students to answer an important question: can a well produce oil or gas economically? Our videos are accompanied by transcripts to increase accessibility to our educational material.

Educational Documentaries

Throughout our curriculum we include short documentaries to increase a learner’s connection to technology, its historical development and its place in the world. The documentary Boom! follows the earliest attempts of oil and gas specialists to increase well production by stimulating a well … as far back as the time of the Civil War.

Watch Boom! and view the kind of excitement torpedoes brought to a well discovery in the 19th century.

Interactive Content

At TOP Energy Training, we strive to create learning interactives to allow self-directed exploration of system-oriented content. For example, our Drilling Rig Interactive allows learners to explore a well site during the drilling phase and includes graphics, photos, text and media featuring subject matter expert Dr. Paul Bommer of The University of Texas at Austin.

Explore the Drilling Rig Interactive where you can manipulate the well site to learn about various parts of the drilling rig system.

Our Water Cycle Interactive addresses the continuous movement of water within the earth and atmosphere. Dr. David Yoxtheimer of Penn State University takes learners on a self-directed tour of this complex system and simplifies each process through graphics and media presentation.

Visit the Water Cycle Interactive to see how water can “rest” in different stages before moving through other parts of the cycle.

Lessons and Courses

We package our curriculum into smaller bites – lessons – or you can choose to take a deep dive and subscribe to a series of related lessons packaged into a course. Each of our lessons contains a variety of learning assets, depending on the curriculum we have specifically designed for the topics covered.

As an example, you can explore the Petroleum Systems Lesson. This lesson covers an important topic in petroleum geology using several instructional videos from Dr. Mike Arthur of Penn State University, a deep-dive tutorial on permeability using text, graphics and photos. Unfamiliar with some of the technical terminology? No problem, many technical terms on our webpages are highlighted so that you can hover over the word and learn or refresh your understanding of the definition.

When you subscribe to one of our lessons or courses, you can assess your own learning through the self-check quizzes we present at the end of each lesson. Test-drive the Petroleum Systems Lesson and experience the TOP quality you can expect from all of our educational content.