TOPCORP is a comprehensive, practical training program based in scientific principles for state and federal regulators, field inspectors and policy makers to better understand the technologies employed in conventional and shale oil and gas field operations. There is no other forum, gathering, or system providing this information to oil and gas regulators and inspectors in the United States.

The Need

Innovation is a core principle in the energy industry. New technologies are continuously being developed and implemented to improve efficiency and safety as well as maximize output from both conventional and shale oil and gas wells around the world. Additionally, over the last decade, shale gas production in the United States has increased, and improvements to the process have come at a rapid pace. 

Private industry has the resources to invest in training for its engineers and field operators to learn and manage new field technologies and processes. State and federal government agencies do not have the funding or capacity to provide comparable training. As a result, there is a knowledge gap between the people who run and manage oil and gas operations, and the people who are responsible for monitoring and regulating them on behalf of the public. TOPCORP is closing this gap.

TOPCORP helps oil and gas regulators, inspectors and policy makers stay current with the rapidly innovating and highly technical industry tools and processes. The program provides comprehensive, practical training grounded in scientific principles and taught by the most knowledgeable scientists and academics in the world.

The Results

Participants complete the TOPCORP program with a deeper understanding of the science and facts related to the latest technologies used in oil and gas extraction so that they can better engage with industry experts when monitoring facilities, and also better interpret and translate this work for the public citizens they represent.

The TOPCORP experience creates continuity across and connectivity among the profession. Participants complete TOPCORP with:

  • Fact-based information related to core job responsibilities from unbiased subject-matter experts in academia
  • A network of peers to engage for input and counsel—which did not exist for regulators until TOPCORP was established.

Since TOPCORP started in 2012, hundreds of attendees from 37 different U.S. state, U.S. federal and Canadian provincial regulatory agencies have logged ~ 48,000 contact hours as part of the training program.

The Program

To complete the program, participants take three workshops: Petroleum Geology and Engineering & Petroleum Technology; Environmental Management & Stewardship; Emerging Trends and Communications. TOPCORP workshops have a prerequisite series of self-paced, online lessons. Each workshop is held for three days at a partnering university and includes classroom, lab and field activities.

The self-guided online prerequisite lessons provide an overview of the concepts that are applied in oil and gas field technologies, allowing participants to receive the most out of the hands-on experiences during the immersive lab and field sessions. Lab activities and site visits during the workshops give the participants an opportunity to be exposed to cutting-edge engineering as applied to oil and gas field operations.

The training and technical knowledge provided in TOPCORP courses can be used to satisfy continuing education requirements. Sponsor funding enables TOPCORP to provide participants with access to secure online lessons, travel and accommodations for the lab and field immersive workshops, and a completion ceremony with certificate.


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Upcoming TOPCORP Workshops

Environmental Stewardship
Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 7-9, 2022

Emerging Trends and Communications
Austin, TX
Nov 29- Dec 1, 2022 (tentative)

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