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High-quality, flexible, online oil and gas industry education

TOP Energy Training helps professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders stay current with the latest technological developments and practices, so they can communicate, collaborate, and advise confidently.

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Oil and gas industry training from expert-level instructors

TOP Energy Training provides efficient and cost-effective online education designed to meet the needs of industry professionals, regardless of their experience level.
Learners receive up-to-date instruction from oil and gas industry experts and course curricula developed by leading universities.
In addition, faculty members from numerous universities are featured in each course to provide students with their depth of knowledge and experience. Industry, environmental, government, and legal professionals also lend their perspectives and experience to each course.

Continually evolving education for a rapidly changing industry

TOP Energy Training was created to provide industry professionals with the education and tools they need to bridge the knowledge gap between oil and gas inspectors and operators in North America. Expert-level instructors and professional educators continually update the curriculum to match rapid changes in the industry and keep learners up to date.

Rolling out its first curriculum in 2013, TOP Energy Training has delivered over 52,000 hours of technical instruction to U.S. and Canadian professionals from 37 local, state, provincial, and federal agencies.

Break through silos and gain operational confidence

TOP Energy Training learners are provided with the knowledge and common language to help them overcome communication and conceptual barriers.

Regardless of whether they have technical backgrounds, learners develop the tools needed to collaborate with colleagues at all levels within the oil and gas industry, without the time or financial commitment of obtaining an advanced higher education degree.

Affordable, flexible, online education for industry professionals at all levels

TOP Energy Training students and learners have varied backgrounds and levels of experience, but the one thing they all have in common is the desire to broaden their subject matter expertise and expand their working knowledge and vocabulary of cutting-edge oil and gas industry issues and trends.

Every TOP Energy Training course and lesson is delivered online, at the learner’s convenience. Most courses offer individual lessons that appeal to a broad range of technical and non-technical professionals.

Each lesson concludes with an optional self-assessment to help learners reinforce and assess their learning. For learners completing TOP Energy courses, these self-assessments help them prepare to pass the final course assessment, and thus, receive a certificate of course completion.

Self-paced online education designed for industry professionals at all levels

Petroleum Geology

Get the foundational knowledge to operate confidently. This course covers information starting with a broad overview of historical, economic, and scientific contexts related to modern energy exploration and production. Following an examination of “big picture” questions about the influence of energy in the world, we finish the course with regulations, leasing, and permitting to prepare you for the next course, Petroleum Engineering & Technology.

Petroleum Engineering & Technology​

Dive into the mechanics and processes involved in drilling operations. Creating a safe, stable hole in the ground is the primary goal of the drilling process, but a variety of complex technologies and operational methods are involved in its creation. In addition, this course discusses completions, formation evaluation, stimulation, production, decommissioning, and reclamation.

Environmental Stewardship

Examine the intersection between the oil and gas industry and the broader environment by presenting the global water cycle, energy-water nexus, and other environmental concerns and health, safety, and security. The course ends with an overview of sustainable development as a best practice in all industrial environments.

Injection Wells and Sustainable Energy Systems

Energy production is an ever-changing and evolving field. This course covers emerging technical and industrial concerns and provides an overview of underground injection, carbon capture utilization and storage, induced seismicity, and subsurface containment.

Effective Communications

Converse about oil and gas-related topics with confidence. These communication lessons provide knowledge and training on rhetorical strategies, knowing yourself and social networks, and overcoming difficult situations.

Geothermal Energy Basics

The Geothermal Energy Basics course provides you with a fundamental understanding of the science, engineering and technology behind geothermal energy projects.

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