Top Energy Training

Why Choose TOP Energy Training?

Uniting oil and gas industry professionals through online self-paced training

There are many options for education in the oil and gas industry, but TOP Energy training is the only program that provides education at every level for oil and gas professionals. We bring together researchers, practicing professionals, and subject matter experts to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date training and education.

Developed in 2012, Top Energy Training was created to address the knowledge gap the surge of unconventional recourse technology created between oil and gas inspectors and operators across North America.

ExxonMobil and General Electric approached three universities, The University of Texas at Austin, Penn State, and the Colorado School of Mines, with funding to develop and teach a technical training program for oil and gas inspectors.

Our flagship program, TOPCORP, resulted from that initial program, but we’ve grown our courses to solve the diverse and ever-growing list of knowledge gaps in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas industry training designed for learners at all levels and backgrounds

TOP Energy Training courses are designed to help students increase their functional knowledge of the oil and gas industry, no matter their background or role.

Some of the professionals who’ve gained benefit from TOP Energy training courses include:

Oil and gas professionals

Our courses deliver a broad overview of terminology married with multi-media content and high-quality visuals to provide essential knowledge of the technical fundamentals of the industry. 

Technical professionals receive a refresher on fundamentals and an introduction to the latest technical applications and practices in the industry, even if they have limited recent field experience or are at the start of their careers. 

Non-technical professionals should better understand the broad technical aspects of the oil and gas business that impact their day-to-day work activity and help them quickly become contributors to multi-disciplinary teams.

State and federal employees

The technical knowledge gained in our online courses allows employees to fully appreciate environmental and human health & safety challenges. They also learn about mechanisms in development and use to protect the environment and the public sector.

Inspectors, regulators, and policymakers can better understand the upstream oil and gas industry’s latest science, engineering, and technology mechanisms.

Attorneys and legal professionals

Our courses deliver a broad overview of terminology combined with multi-media content and high-quality visuals to provide functional knowledge of industry technical fundamentals. 

Oil and gas attorneys and other legal professionals can anticipate quickly understanding the fundamentals of the latest science, engineering, and technology used within the upstream side of the business.

University and high school students

Our online courses can serve as supplemental university-level education in petroleum-related topics (e.g., petroleum engineering, petroleum technology, or environmental science) or broad energy overview courses.

Courses are ideal for teaching faculty and students interested in the oil and gas industry and developing a fundamental background in petroleum science, engineering, and technology.

Online training courses designed for professionals

TOP Energy Training courses are designed to accommodate the needs and lifestyles of working professionals. From high quality graphics, expert-level instruction and the online modality that works with time constraints of the busiest professionals, our online courses are geared towards providing students with functional knowledge to jump start the real-world application of course material.

Accessible to both individuals and organizations

Oil and gas education and knowledge enrichment should be accessible to individuals covering costs on their own as well as companies and organizations who sponsor their employees.

When it comes to education, the “cost” of learning should be viewed as an investment. Our courses may not be the cheapest available in the marketplace but when speaking to industry leaders and oil and gas companies about what they wanted and what they needed, TOP Energy Training courses and programs were designed to specifically satisfy those knowledge gaps.

If time and affordability are issues, course material is also broken down into individual lessons which can be purchased separately.

Self-paced education for busy professionals

Online education delivered with multimedia produces an engaged learner with better retention.

Every learner has a laundry list of other obligations and responsibilities. That’s why TOP Energy courses are delivered online and on-demand so students can complete them at their convenience.

Seasoned instructors break down highly technical concepts into easy-to-understand lessons with multimedia support to help solidify the transfer of educational materials.

A trusted educational partner

Trusting a partner when expanding oil and gas industry knowledge is a key factor in selecting an educational program.

Over the years, TOP Energy Training has brought together over 30 educators, industry professionals, and subject matter experts to create world-class oil and gas training programs. New courses are under constant development and making updates to existing courses to keep up with the latest trends so that our learners are always getting the most accurate and useful information.

Highly recommend! The TOP Energy online training courses provide oil and gas regulators and inspectors with a fundamental understanding of industry operations, as well as insight into technical trends and solutions that are changing the way the oil and gas industry does business.” —Patrick A.