Why Choose TOP Energy?

When it comes to oil and gas training we know that there are many options available to you. We also know that there is no other program that unites industry professionals, researchers, and experienced subject matter experts into one comprehensive and up-to-date online training course. TOP Energy Training was launched in 2012 to address a specific issue: the surge in unconventional resource technology had created a significant knowledge gap between oil and gas inspectors and operators across North America. To address this challenge, ExxonMobil and General Electric approached three universities, The University of Texas at Austin, Penn State, and the Colorado School of Mines, with seed money to develop and teach a technical training program for oil and gas inspectors. Our flagship program, TOPCORP, was a result of that initial program but we’ve grown our courses to solve the diverse and ever-growing list of knowledge gaps in the oil and gas industry. You can check out the quality of our online materials on our demo page.

Can We Help You? (We Think We Can)

TOP Energy Training courses are designed to help learners from different backgrounds, and a multitude of roles, increase their knowledge of the oil and gas industry. While we find this list growing every day, here are just some of the people who have found tremendous benefit from TOP Energy Training courses:

1. Oil & Gas Professionals: understandably, we have many learners who are currently in the oil and gas industry, in many different roles. By taking TOP Energy Training courses, industry professionals can expand their oil & gas IQ – thus increasing their value to their company, their on-the-job know-how, and their opportunities for career advancement. Additionally, if you’re in a leadership role in an existing oil & gas company, there’s no better investment than to invest in the intellectual growth of your employees.

2. Oil & Gas Lawyers, Attorneys and Paralegals: Whether you are internal counsel or part of a practice that is currently working with oil and gas clients, having industry knowledge can help you both in and out of the courtroom. In fact, providing oil and gas courses to lawyers and attorneys is an area where we provide tremendous value, and over the years we’ve provided a curriculum on oil and gas technology for law students at The University of Texas at Austin Law School.

“The Top Energy training program has been a valuable teaching tool for providing scientific and technical information to students. The self-paced format from leading experts through both text and video can quickly offer high-level understanding of complex issues in energy, oil and gas, and the environment.” -John Beckworth (UT Law School Faculty)

3. Government Employees: Whether you’re an inspector, regulator, or policymaker, a better understanding of the latest science, safety requirements, engineering, and technology in place within the upstream oil and gas industry can help your community and your constituents.

4. Students and Teachers (both high school and university): Curious about the oil and gas industry? Are you someone who has aspirations to work in the oil and gas industry? Or perhaps you’re a teacher or instructor who’s looking for resources and expertise from beyond your classroom or library. No matter who you are, we’re here to support your pursuit of knowledge. At TOP Energy Training, we believe that curating the next generation of well-educated oil and gas professionals produces better stewardship of our resources, our environment, and public health throughout the world.

The world is changing, are you?

We know there are many reasons and hesitations to start learning today. That’s why on each of our course pages, we’ve included a FAQ section with the answers to the questions we get asked by aspiring learners.

So what are the reasons you might not sign up today?


We believe that oil and gas education should be accessible to individuals and companies.

When it comes to education, the “cost” of learning should be viewed as an investment. Are our courses the cheapest on the market? Probably not, but when we spoke to industry leaders and oil and gas companies about what they wanted and what they needed, we set out to create the best courses and programs to satisfy those knowledge gaps.

If you’re on the fence about any of our courses, try sampling the course by purchasing a lesson. The individual lessons are pulled straight from the courses and if you end up wanting to continue your learning with the full course, you’ll get a discount coupon so you’re not paying twice for the same lesson.


We believe that online education delivered with multimedia produces an engaged learner with better retention.

We know that every learner has a laundry list of other obligations and responsibilities. That’s why we designed our online courses to be self-pacing and on-demand so you can complete them at your convenience. We also know that some highly technical subject matter can be difficult to understand and that’s why we’ve brought in seasoned instructors along with engaging multimedia to help make learning easier.


We understand that you’re looking for the best partner when it comes to expanding your knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

Over the years, TOP Energy Training has brought together over 30 educators, industry professionals, and subject matter experts to create world-class oil and gas training programs. We are constantly developing new courses and making updates to existing courses to keep up with the latest trends so that our learners are always getting the most accurate and useful information.

“Highly recommend! The TOP Energy online training courses provide oil and gas regulators and inspectors with a fundamental understanding of industry operations, as well as insight into technical trends and solutions that are changing the way the oil and gas industry does business.” -Patrick A.

If you’re still thinking about holding off on growing your oil & gas knowledge today, will you be back here in six months in the same boat you are today? As David Joseph Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big, once wrote, “Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.”

We hope you’ll sign up for one of our lessons or courses today and should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Images: “Gas Stations” by Yarygin via iStock