Why Choose TOP Energy?

Oil and gas professionals know how important it is to stay current and up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements in the field. Students, educators, and other professionals also have a critical need to understand the oil and gas industry.

Our educational consortium at TOP Energy Training has designed and created online courses to accommodate both of these needs. Since 2012 TOP Energy Training has provided 42,000 hours of content to professionals in the oil and gas and broader energy fields. After our training courses, you and your team will clearly understand the most current practices and technologies in the oil and gas industry.

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TOP Energy Training University Consortium

The educational consortium at TOP Energy Training is composed of professionals and faculty experts from the Colorado School of Mines, The Pennsylvania State University, and The University of Texas at Austin. Our goal is to provide everyone who enrolls in our energy courses with a full spectrum of knowledge related to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our courses are fully comprehensive, including historical and scientific perspectives, environmental stewardship, and current industry trends.

TOP Energy Training Instructor Expertise

By enrolling in our courses, you receive training from experts in the oil and gas industry and a course curriculum developed by leading universities. Faculty members from numerous universities are featured in each course to provide you with their depth of knowledge and experience. Additionally, industry, environmental, government, and legal professionals lend their perspectives to each course. 

TOP Energy Training is a highly efficient and cost-effective educational program to meet your training needs regardless of your experience. Our students come to us with varied backgrounds: municipal, state, and federal regulatory agency personnel, oil and gas attorneys, non-technical oil and gas professionals, university law and engineering students anticipating their entry into the profession, and high school STEM teachers.

Online Oil and Gas Training Courses Offered by TOP Energy Training 

At TOP Energy Training, we currently offer the following courses related to energy and the oil and gas industry:

  • Petroleum Geology: This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the historical, economic, and scientific context of modern energy exploration and production. It looks at global economic interdependencies in the energy sector and explains the science of petroleum geology. After addressing these questions and many others, we conclude with a look at the development of regulations and leasing and permitting processes, setting the stage for the drilling and completion operations that will be covered in the Petroleum Technology course. 
  • Petroleum Engineering & Technology: This course introduces the technologies that make drilling and completions possible, typical operational methods for drilling and completing wells, and methods for solving problems during the drilling process. There is also a focus on formation evaluation, stimulation, production, decommissioning, and reclamation.
  • Environmental Stewardship: This course covers the intersection between the oil and gas industry and the wider environment. It starts with an overview of the global water cycle and the energy-water nexus before closely examining the other concerns. The course ends with an overview of sustainable development as a best practice in all industrial environments.
  • Emerging Trends: Energy production is an ever-changing and evolving field. This course covers several emerging technical and industrial concerns and contains lessons on underground injection, induced seismicity, and subsurface containment.
  • Effective Communications: With emerging trends and developments happening in the industry, it is important to know how to discuss complex topics. This course contains lessons on rhetorical strategies, knowing yourself and social networks, and difficult situations that can be used when discussing industry trends.

Each of the training courses has a self-check assessment at the end of each lesson to ensure that you have a firm understanding of the material covered. These brief quizzes will help ensure that you are fully prepared for the final assessment at the course's completion. These self-checks and final assessments are optional but extremely useful for guaranteeing that you have retained all of the information covered in the course. 

Training Webinars Offered by TOP Energy Training

  • Oil & Gas Training Webinars: Since early 2019, TOP Energy Training has been hosting free webinars on various topics. Past webinars have covered drones, well abandonment, oil and gas infrastructure, biosecurity, water testing, and cement bond log interpretation.

Find Out More About Our Training Courses

If you have questions about our training courses or our webinars, contact us today by filling out and submitting our questionnaire. We have also put together a set of frequently asked questions that may be helpful. TOP Energy Training is dedicated to providing you with the resources and information you need to make sure that you and your team are completely updated and aware of the latest technology and advancements in the field. 

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Images: “Gas Stations” by Yarygin via iStock