Top Energy Training

Dan Brockett

Educator, Shale Energy Team
Penn State Extension

Dan Brockett is with the Penn State Extension Shale Energy Education Team. He lectures and teaches on energy development from shale, the economics driving the process, the process and politics of hydraulic fracturing, and the associated impacts to communities, businesses, land, and people. He has had the opportunity to provide training for industry, for elected officials, for businesses, regulators and for landowners and has been able to speak throughout the country and around the world.

Some of the recent issues he has focused on include:

  • Appalachian Basin Natural Gas Liquids – from Wellhead to Fractionation
  • The Case for Ethane Cracker Plants in the Appalachian Basin
  • Price Basis Differential for the Appalachian Basin – The Case for Shipping Gas Outside of the Basin
  • Local Government Role in Regulating the Oil and Gas Industry