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Whether you are part of the oil and gas business or are working to find your place in the industry, you will want to stay up-to-date on the latest technology innovations and ensure you have a firm footing in the fundamentals. At TOP Energy Training, we have designed a set of courses to meet you at your level–from introductory elements to advanced technology, science, and engineering aspects of the oil and gas industry. 

Our educational consortium of Colorado School of Mines, Penn State University, and The University of Texas at Austin developed the training courses using subject matter experts from the various specialties. These online courses can serve a broad audience: oil and gas professionals, both technical employees and those who are tangential to the operations; state and government regulatory employees and policymakers; oil and gas attorneys and related legal professionals; university students; and high school students who may already know they want to have a future in the industry.

We also present webinars and symposiums on a wide range of applied topics. These events are presented online and recorded for free distribution through a variety of media channels. 

Why Now is a Good Time to Grow Your Oil and Gas Knowledge Online 

The more education you have related to the industry, the better prepared you will be to handle a range of situations that may arise during your career. 

World-class subject matter experts designed our courses. These experts include faculty members at numerous universities and professionals with a range of technical, regulatory and policy backgrounds. Clear learning outcomes enable course subscribers to match their educational goals with our course materials. 

No matter your background, the courses from TOP Energy Training will better prepare you for the future of the oil and gas industry and enable you to be marketable on many fronts. There is never a bad time to further your education and training in this ever-changing and evolving field.

Our Online Oil and Gas Training Courses 

TOP Energy Training has developed multiple training courses designed to cover the full scope of the oil and gas industry for anyone who wants to start or further their education. The broad range of content allows you to customize the type of instruction and training that suits your needs. Our courses include: Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Engineering & Technology, Environmental Stewardship, Emerging Trends, and Effective Communications.

Petroleum Geology Course

Petroleum Geology begins with a broad overview of the historical, economic, and scientific context related to modern energy exploration and production. The course looks at global economic interdependencies in the energy sector, examines the history of extraction, and explains the science of petroleum geology and the various components of a petroleum system. A lesson on hydrocarbon explorations covers an overview of typical data sets and analyses that contribute to petroleum discoveries. We finish the course with a short section on leasing and permitting to prepare you for the next course, Petroleum Engineering & Technology.

Petroleum Engineering & Technology Course

Petroleum Engineering & Technology introduces the technologies that make drilling and completions possible, typical operational methods for drilling and completing wells, and methods for solving problems that come up during the drilling process. Obviously, creating a safe, stable hole in the ground is the basic goal of the drilling process, but there are a variety of complex technologies and operational methods involved in shaping that hole. The course also discusses completions, formation evaluation, stimulation, production, decommissioning, and reclamation.

Environmental Stewardship Course

Environmental Stewardship covers the intersection between the oil and gas industry and the wider environment. It presents an examination of the global water cycle and energy-water nexus as well as other environmental concerns and health, safety, and security. We conclude with an overview of sustainable development as a best practice in all industrial environments.

Emerging Trends Course

The oil and gas business is dynamic and the industry responds to emerging trends and challenges with the development of new technology and methods. We reflect that progression in our Emerging Trends course with lessons that discuss the latest challenges and solutions. How do we properly inject fluids underground without endangering underground sources of drinking water or inducing earthquakes? Can we mitigate CO2 emissions using carbon storage? How do we make sure that stimulation techniques using subsurface injection is contained underground? This course addresses many of these questions through lessons on underground injection, carbon capture utilization and storage, induced seismicity, and subsurface containment.

Effective Communications Course

How do we work together to create a safe and sustainable energy future? How do we communicate about complex topics or risks to our colleagues, associates, or the general public? The Effective Communications course is specifically geared toward the oil and gas industry. Lessons discuss rhetorical strategies, knowing yourself and social networks, and how to work through difficult situations using tools such as authenticity and trust. Knowledge gained in this course will assist professionals in discussing emerging industry trends and challenges.

Training Webinars Offered by TOP Energy Training

TOP Energy Training hosts webinars on a variety of topics through their TOPCORP program for oil and gas inspectors. For example, past webinars have covered drones, well abandonment, oil and gas infrastructure, biosecurity, water testing, and cement bond log interpretation. Recordings of these webinars are available for free through a variety of online media channels.

Inspector Symposiums Offered by TOP Energy Training

TOP Energy Training has sponsored a number of “hot topic” symposiums through their TOPCORP program for oil and gas inspectors. Symposium themes have included topics such as hydraulic fracturing, the digital oilfield, and geopolitics of the energy transition. Recordings of these symposiums are available for free through a variety of online media channels.

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Whether you are a professional working within the oil and gas industry, or are considering a potential career within the petroleum industry, TOP Energy Training has courses to meet your educational needs. We are confident that you will emerge from our courses more knowledgeable and better prepared to achieve your goals within the ever-changing oil and gas industry. For more information on our courses, webinars and symposiums, contact us today or sign up for a training course!