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Let’s take a brief look at what you can expect to learn in our Effective Communications Course.

Effective Communications Course Content Overview

  • Rhetorical Strategies                    
  • Knowing Yourself and Social Networks
  • Difficult Situations

The first lesson in the course, Rhetorical Strategies, is about the art of communicating. Scholars and laypeople from Ancient Greece until today study and practice the finer points of rhetoric in every interaction they have. Government agencies disseminating information to the public, advertising firms selling a product, friends deciding which movie to see and parents explaining the wonders of the world to their children all engage rhetoric in different ways to effectively reach their audience. The methods and strategies remain largely the same. An understanding of the fundamentals of rhetoric is helpful two-fold. First, one understands how to communicate any message more effectively. Second, one develops the ability to dissect and analyze the myriad of messages all around us.

Outside of the basic rhetorical strategies, good communication also depends on introspection and self-awareness. The second lesson, Knowing Yourself & Social Networks, presents how one’s communication style is a reflection of oneself. Personality traits, cognitive biases and relationships with others all influence that style. In addition, navigating professional and social situations requires an understanding of how people create, grow and maintain relationships with each other in a social network, and the nature of different types of interpersonal relationships.

No amount of careful planning and knowledge can completely eliminate the possibility of miscommunication and conflict. In the lesson on Difficult Situations, it is best to take immediate steps to mitigate social fallout, resolve conflicts and repair relationships. In the energy industry, if a relationship sours, it’s not always possible to avoid the party in question – you may be required by your job to keep interacting with them regularly! Developing strategies to reach a point of reconciliation and compromise not only makes your day-to-day life more comfortable, but also enables your organization to function and reach its goals more efficiently

The Effective Communications course contains three lessons designed to assist learners when conversing about emerging topics, many of which may be controversial. These communication lessons provide knowledge and training on rhetorical strategies, knowing yourself and social networks, and how to overcome difficult situations. Indeed, communications and proper self-assessment are critical in expressing and articulating ideas in a clean, concise, and well-constructed manner. This course helps you engage in intelligent and trusted conversation around emerging trends present in the current energy sector.

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