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Pit Closure

Pit closure involves a series of actions that involve waste management, site investigation, potentially some level of remediation and final reclamation. The essential steps include:

  • Pit waste should be evacuated and the waste treated or disposed of.
  • Based on regulations or the condition of pit, once the waste is evacuated, sampling and analysis may be required, prior to backfilling.
  • If the analytical data suggest the pit leaked or materials were not adequately removed additional remediation may be required.
  • Synthetic pit liners may require handling as solid waste and not as an E&P waste.
Well Pad During Drilling Operations

Pits with synthetic liners at a drilling pad

Production Facility Following Interim Reclamation

Production site after pit closure

Images: “Well Pad During Drilling Operations” by Courtesy West Virginia Surface Owners’ Rights Organization; “Production Facility Following Interim Reclamation” by Courtesy West Virginia Surface Owners’ Rights Organization