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Oil & Gas Training Courses For Attorneys

To better represent their oil and gas clients, attorneys strive to be knowledgeable of the latest science, engineering, and technology related to oil and gas laws and their interpretation. At TOP Energy Training, we want to make it easier to gain a solid foundation of industry fundamentals that yields the best negotiators, mediators, advisors, arbitrators, and litigators. Our goal is to efficiently provide counsel with a better understanding of geology, drilling and production technology, emerging technical issues, and environmental advancements. The broad foundational knowledge gained from our curriculum brings value to effective representation around subjects such as:

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Directional drilling
  • Pooling and unitization
  • Well spacing and setbacks
  • Pipeline access
  • Drainage and subsurface trespass
  • Induced seismicity
  • Proration
  • Tax obligations
  • Lease provisions
  • Abandoned and orphaned wells
  • Royalty payments & disputes
  • Mineral rights
  • Division orders
  • Title opinions
  • Land reclamation
  • Environmental contamination and protection
  • Water access and usage
  • Injection and waste disposal
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) requirements

Although hydraulic fracturing has been in use for more than half a century, its increasing use to access unconventional natural resources has led to a growing awareness and concern about potential environmental impacts. This heightened interest has increased the need for technical knowledge as applied to environmental law. TOP Energy’s curriculum covers the science behind the environmental concerns and what can be done to make sure these risks remain at a reasonable and socially responsible level.

Decommissioning a well can be as important as the initial drilling and completion operations. Orphaned, abandoned, and improperly plugged wells can release a significant amount of methane directly into the atmosphere. The best environmental strategy is to properly plug wells quickly when they stop producing, but this isn’t always in an operator’s immediate economic interest, so a strong set of regulations has been developed to legally require everyone to do the right thing. TOP Energy’s curriculum delivers an understanding of abandonment and decommissioning and what needs to be done to safely plug a well that has reached the end of its productive life so that legal requirements have been met.

Understanding the basics of drilling operations combined with a comprehensive petroleum literacy is a critical component of building public trust, especially when legal issues arise that require arbitration, dispute resolution, or litigation. TOP Energy’s curriculum covers how the individual parts of drilling systems work, and why operators use the equipment they do today. Additionally, the curriculum explores some of the planning that goes into selecting the proper drilling mud and casing to safely drill and isolate a well. For a taste of related content, visit our drilling interactive where you can explore the machinery and equipment you might encounter at a drill site. 

Emerging energy technologies in oil and gas production are growing more and more water-intensive. Water jurisdiction can be a complex network of agencies, sometimes with overlapping authority, that regulate competing interests of what may be limited, but in high-demand, resource.TOP Energy’s curriculum untangles this web of interconnection and infrastructure to facilitate the mutual understanding and collaboration that fosters decisions beneficial to all parties and future generations.

That’s Where TOP Energy Training Comes In

TOP Energy is an educational consortium made up of Colorado School of Mines, Penn State University, and The University of Texas at Austin. With our resources and expertise combined, we have designed, created, and delivered more than 42,000 hours of content to professionals as part of our flagship program for oil and gas field inspectors and regulatory personnel. Now we are making these online courses available to oil and gas industry professionals who would like a better understanding of the ever-changing technology in the industry.

Some TOP Energy Courses & Topics Relevant to Attorneys and Lawyers:

Oil and gas industry fundamentals are complex and not always thoroughly taught in law school. That’s why we set out to design courses that break down the technical subject matter into understandable concepts delivered through a state-of-the-art teaching platform.

Our broad range of content is perfect for any legal professional who wants to receive practical training in important areas of the oil and gas business. TOP Energy’s platform allows you to customize the type of instruction and training that best suits your needs. Course offerings include Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Engineering & Technology, Environmental Stewardship, Emerging Trends, and Effective Communications. A summary of some of our course lessons and topics are listed below.

Why Should Attorneys Choose TOP Energy Training?

Knowledge from oil and gas industry experts

TOP Energy believes that collaboration provides the best, most informed, online oil and gas courses to our customers. That’s why we formed an educational consortium made up of faculty, oil and gas professionals, and subject matter experts from Colorado School of Mines, Penn State University, and The University of Texas at Austin. This diversity allows us to present a 360-degree view of the challenges, opportunities, and information related to the oil and gas industry.

Self-Paced and On-Demand

The technical complexity of the oil and gas business can make contract disputes and their remediation challenging. That’s why we set out to design courses that break down complex subject matter into understandable concepts utilizing video, graphics, animations, and interactive elements. The courses can be accessed on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices and are designed to be taken at your own pace because we understand the day-to-day competition for your time.


When you or your employees are ready to expand your knowledge of the oil and gas sector, we know that you want to get the best possible education for your money. TOP Energy Training online content is continuously updated as the technology evolves, and new lessons are added to stay current. We take great pride in delivering high-quality, up-to-date courses so that you get incredible value. After all, we understand that time is money!

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