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Increase your functional knowledge of oil and gas industry issues

TOP Energy Training courses and lessons are designed to increase the subject knowledge for policymakers, legislative staffers, and regulators who need solid oil and gas industry fundamentals.

Courses, lessons, and curricula provide a streamlined, convenient, and flexible way to acquire industry knowledge for both technical and non-technically focused employees.

Stay up to date on energy industry technology and trends

Government employees who interact with the energy sector should have the latest information about recent technological advancements and scientific discoveries in the oil and gas industry.

Employees who regularly work in policy, regulations, supply chain, environmental strategies and communications within or adjacent to the oil and gas industry need the subject matter expertise and confidence to interact and negotiate with representatives.

TOP Energy Training courses provide fundamental knowledge that can help create efficiencies and empower employees to make informed decisions.

Learn from industry professionals

Oil and gas industry experts and university instructors with expert-level experience in a wide range of specialties developed TOP Energy Training lessons and courses.

Online curricula are designed to provide objective information about the oil and gas industry technological advancements and trends to professionals so they can use this functional knowledge in their work.

Courses designed for policymakers and influencers

Affordable and flexible online courses are ideal for government employees who are usually constrained by time and budgets. Lessons and courses are perfect for busy policymakers, regulators, and support staff.

This lesson provides tools to help avoid defensive reactions in others, understand others’ values and motivations, tactics to clarify communication, and develop and maintain trust, all within the context of the energy sector.

This lesson covers underground injection wells—shafts through which fluids are pumped into porous rock. The material describes the different classes of injection wells and discusses the applications within each particular class.

No aspect of oil and gas development has spurred more heated dialogue in the last 20 years than the growing utilization of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing operations for well stimulation. This lesson walks through the process of hydraulic fracturing and examines two methods of acidizing—another technique used for stimulating a well.

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From historical and economic contexts through environmental coordination and impacts and everything in between, our courses will set you on the road to success in the oil and gas industry.

Images: “Ursa UIC well 045-12082 Valley Farms #D3.” by Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC),