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State and federal employees and contractors involved in the energy sector need technical skills and a solid understanding of oil and gas industry fundamentals.  Our program provides a streamlined, convenient, and effective way to achieve those goals through our online, asynchronous courses taught by top academic and industry experts.

 At TOP Energy, we know how important it is for everyone who works in the energy sector to be well versed in the field’s latest science, engineering, and technology. With that in mind, we designed our program for various audiences and multiple levels of knowledge and experience.

Why State and Federal Government Employees Should Take Oil and Gas Training Courses

Government employees in the energy sector need to be up-to-date with technological advancements and scientific discoveries. Does your job involve policy, regulations, supply chain and purchasing, accounting and budgeting, environmental strategies, communications or other areas where you engage with the energy sector? A solid foundation in the oil and gas industry and its technical advancements from our courses will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

Courses Created With Collaboration

Consortium of Schools

TOP Energy Training believes in the power of collaboration. Working together with experts means we can provide the highest quality, most-informed online oil and gas curriculum for government employees. Our emphasis on collaboration led to the formation of an educational consortium made up of Colorado School of Mines, Penn State University, and The University of Texas at Austin. With our combined resources and expertise, we design and create online training courses for aspiring oil and gas professionals, focusing on the fundamental technology, science, and engineering of oil and gas operations.

Subject Matter Experts

Faculty from multiple universities, industry experts with a wide range of backgrounds and approaches, and professionals with diverse technical and environmental insight have helped create our course material.  Our team provides unbiased, objective information about technological advancements and trends in an engaging online learning environment.

Perfect for Policymakers, Advisors, and Elected Representatives

TOP Energy Training’s courses and lessons will expand your knowledge of the oil and gas industry; allowing you to make sound decisions and execute effective and productive workflows. Our material will provide you with a firm foundation to achieve the expertise and excellence you seek.

Difficult Situations Lesson

(part of the Effective Communications Course)

Oil and gas extraction can be perceived as controversial, and that means that difficult situations will likely arise for government employees. TOP Energy Training provides tools to help prevent defensive reactions in others, understand others’ values and motivations, be clear and direct, and develop and maintain trust, all within the context of the energy sector.

Underground Injection Lesson

(part of the Emerging Trends Course)

This lesson covers underground injection wells—shafts through which fluids are pumped into porous rock. The material describes the different classes of injection wells and discusses the applications within each particular class. In-depth segments within the lesson highlight injection techniques for enhanced recovery of oil and gas, a geothermal project case study, and case studies of CO₂ injection for enhanced oil recovery as well as geologic storage. The lesson also briefly overviews regulatory issues such as primacy (main enforcement authority).

Stimulation Lesson

(part of the Petroleum Engineering & Technology Course)

Stimulating a well means opening up pathways around the wellbore to increase hydrocarbon fluid flow—sometimes to overcome the limitations of nature, and sometimes to correct damage created through the drilling process itself. Perhaps no aspect of oil and gas development has spurred more heated dialogue in the last 20 years than the growing utilization of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing operations for well stimulation. To be effective, dialogue must be based in technical truths. The process of drilling through rock can damage the walls of the bore hole and seal them with mud cake. The tall column of drilling mud pushing against the walls of the hole can invade into the formation, reducing permeability to a degree that requires some kind of intervention to make the well economically viable. This lesson walks through the process of hydraulic fracturing and takes a look at two methods of acidizing—another technique used for stimulating a well.

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In addition to paid courses, TOP Energy Training offers periodic webinars, all of which are free and available for viewing anytime. Learn from leading experts about such topics as natural gas in the Appalachian Basin, drones in North Dakota oilfields, flowback and produced fluid management, domestic and global energy markets, best practices in well abandonment, and much more!

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If your work is related to the oil and gas industry or the broader energy sector, you want to stay current with the latest trends and innovations. As a government employee, you want a firm understanding of the basics and to steadily increase your expertise of more nuanced and technical topics.

We designed TOP Energy Training courses with state and federal government employees in mind. Our material guides each student through the industry's most critical facets ensuring you leave with a greater understanding of key topics.

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