Top Energy Training

TOP Energy Training in the Classroom

Teach the same courses we teach professionals

We are happy to make TOP Energy Training available for purchase as a site license for just $50 per seat. In addition to the substantial discount, registered instructors also will have access to a set of group management tools to monitor the progress and performance of their students.

Click the button below to get started. Note that during checkout you will be prompted to assign a name to your group. We suggest using the specific name for your course or section.

After your group is created, you can easily add additional seats in the future.

Access all our courses

The TOP Energy Training site license includes access to all of our content.

Powerful group management tools

When you use TOP Energy Training in your classroom, you get a full suite of group management tools to monitor your students’ progress through the course.

  • Add or remove students, singly or in bulk
  • Give TA(s) access to group management
  • View course progress class wide 
  • View student progress for any student
  • View quiz scores
  • Quiz score details: See the answers chosen on any quiz by any student
  • Distribute enrollment keys