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Enrolling in oil and gas training courses will provide students with access to faculty members from numerous universities with deep experience and expertise in the industry.

The educational consortium at TOP Energy Training comprises faculty from Colorado School of Mines, The Pennsylvania State University, and The University of Texas at Austin.

Join the professionals who have consumed over 42,000 hours of instruction.

TOP Energy Training courses provide a firm technical foundation and allow students to work through integral aspects of the industry.

From historical and economic contexts through environmental coordination and impacts and everything in between, our courses will set you on the road to success in the oil and gas industry.

Individual courses are designed with various student audiences in mind and accommodate learners at every educational and professional level. Never worry about having the credentials or prerequisite knowledge needed to be successful in a course.

TOP Energy Training currently offers the following courses:

Petroleum Geology

This course covers information starting with a broad overview of historical, economic, and scientific contexts related to modern energy exploration and production. Following an examination of “big picture” questions about the influence of energy in the world, we finish the course with regulations, leasing, and permitting to prepare you for the next course, Petroleum Engineering & Technology.

Petroleum Engineering & Technology

In this course, we dive into the mechanics and processes involved in drilling operations. Creating a safe, stable hole in the ground is the basic goal of the drilling process, but there are a variety of complex technologies and operational methods involved in creating that hole. In addition, this course discusses completions, formation evaluation, stimulation, production, decommissioning and reclamation.


Environmental Stewardship

This course examines the intersection between the oil and gas industry and the wider environment by presenting the global water cycle and energy-water nexus as well as other environmental concerns and health, safety, and security. The course ends with an overview of sustainable development as a best practice in all industrial environments.

Injection Wells and Sustainable Energy Systems

Energy production is an ever-changing and evolving field. Covering emerging technical and industrial concerns, this course provides an overview of underground injection, carbon capture utilization and storage, induced seismicity, and subsurface containment.

Effective Communications

This course contains three lessons designed to assist learners when conversing about topics related to the oil and gas industry. These communication lessons provide knowledge and training on rhetorical strategies, knowing yourself and social networks, and how to overcome difficult situations. 

Geothermal Energy Basics

The Geothermal Energy Basics course provides you with a fundamental understanding of the science, engineering and technology behind geothermal energy projects.

Geothermal power station pipeline and steam, Wairakei, New Zealand

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Full courses include multiple individual lessons on the specific course content, and some individual lessons are available for purchase separately. The cost of individual lessons can be credited to the purchase of the full course.

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Course enrollment includes instruction from oil and gas industry experts and course curricula developed by leading universities. In addition, faculty members from numerous universities are featured in each course to provide students with their depth of knowledge and experience. Additionally, industry, environmental, government, and legal professionals lend their perspectives to each course. 

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It’s integral for those involved in the oil and gas industry to stay updated and current with the latest business trends and maintain a firm foundation in the fundamentals.

TOP Energy Training courses guide every student through the essential facets of the industry and ensure that they leave the course with a greater understanding of oil and gas operations and environmental stewardship.

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