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“Developing The Digital Oil Field” with Jim Crompton on the Digital Oil and Gas Podcast

In this episode of the Digital Oil and Gas Podcast, Host Geoffrey Cann interviews Jim Crompton, oil and gas industry expert, professor at the Colorado School of Mines, owner Reflections Data Consulting, LLC, and one of our many instructors here at Top Energy Training as we work to educate regulators, inspectors, policymakers, and oil & gas industry professionals so that they can develop informed public policy and regulations around complex issues in the oil and gas industry, like orphan wells.  

Digital Oil and Gas Podcast

A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital on the oil and gas industry hosted by Geoffrey Cann.

Geoffrey’s mission is to accelerate digital energy. He helps solve for the demand-supply imbalance for digital innovation in oil and gas where there is a shortage of demand for innovation but ample available supply.

Geoffrey helps create demand for digital innovation teaching digital awareness to oil and gas companies. He reveals the way to be more capable at adopting digital innovations. Geoffrey enhances the supply of innovation by helping digital innovations better fit the needs of the industry.

What Geoffrey and Jim discuss in this episode…

The concept of the “digital oilfield”, as well as the data and sensors necessary to fully digitalize an oil patch.

About Jim Crompton

One of our many TOP Energy subject-matter experts and course creators is Jim Crompton. Jim retired from Chevron in 2013 after almost 37 years. After moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jim established the Reflections Data Consulting LLC to continue his work in the area of data management and analytics for the Oil & Gas industry.  Jim was a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2010-2011, speaking on the topic of “Putting the Focus on Data.” He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines (BS in Geophysical Engineering in 1974 and MS in Geophysics in 1976) before joining Chevron in Denver, Colorado. He later earned an MBA degree (1996) from Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio, Texas).

His contributions in applications of information technology to business problems, led Jim to be named a Chevron Fellow in 2002. In 2013, Jim and Dr. Dutch Holland co-authored a book titled The Future Belongs to the Digital Engineer, focusing on the issues of the impact of emerging digital technology on oil and gas operations. Jim has since authored three additional books. Jim was selected to be on the board of the SPE Digital Energy Technology Section (DETS) and serves as chair of the Digital Transformation committee under DETS. Starting January 2018, Jim teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Petroleum Data Analytics at the Colorado School of Mines.

Watch This “Introduction To The Digital Oilfield” Presentation by Jim Cromption

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