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LAW 390: Introduction to Oil and Gas Law–Foundations

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Understanding legal concepts in oil and gas law is aided by basic scientific and technical knowledge of the field. The Top Energy Training Course was designed by an educational consortium from Colorado School of Mines, The Pennsylvania State University and The University of Texas at Austin. The course was designed to assist regulators and policymakers by providing a multi-module curriculum of basic petroleum technology training.

This mini-course is composed of selected topics from the Top Energy Training Course. You will note that certain of the topics refer to others which were not chosen for this sampling. However, each topic stands alone for purposes of your training and for the knowledge check question(s) which follow each topic.

This course consists of thirty-five (35) topics and includes a total of fifty (50) knowledge check questions. The questions following each topic refer to that topic, only. You must correctly answer each question to complete the course, but you may answer each question multiple times until you answer the question correctly, understanding that it may be helpful to return to the text to refresh your knowledge following an unsuccessful attempt. Unlike a typical law school exam, the questions are not intended to test your analytical skill in employing legal concepts, but rather to test your acquired knowledge and comprehension of each selected topic.

Completing the course should take between three to four hours. Each topic and its corresponding knowledge check may take from approximately three to twelve minutes to complete and you can complete the course in any number of sessions required, dividing your study as your schedule allows. Successful completion of the course will add two (2) points to your final grade.

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