Petroleum Geology & Engineering and Petroleum Technology Courses

TOPCORP is pleased to announce that the Petroleum Geology & Engineering and Petroleum Technology Courses has been scheduled for May 14-16, 2019 at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. Participants will complete a rigorous three-day program. The program will include classroom lecture and interaction with experts, as well as hands-on learning activities, field trips and lab experiences.

Click here for the preliminary agenda (coming soon) for the upcoming course. For more information, please contact Dori Coy



Review of Pilot Course - August 2013

This page reviews the pilot course offered in August, 2013, in Golden, CO (Colorado School of Mines). The mixed classroom and field course consisted of two consecutive courses: (1) Petroleum Geology and Engineering Concepts, and (2) Petroleum Technology, from our four-course training program for regulators and policymakers.

The goal of the pilot program was to test the online curriculum in a classroom setting, evaluating it and making changes before putting all the material online. The pilot course gave participants practical knowledge to apply on the job. This practical knowledge will also be the core of the online program. Below are some of the specific learning objectives we had in mind in designing this pilot course. These objectives describe what was covered during this session of the course.  The general schedule for the class is listed below as well. Download the 2013 agenda for to see the in-class and field portions of the training.