Learning Objectives

Courses: Petroleum Geology & Engineering; Petroleum Technology
(courses usually taught together, back to back)

Learning Objectives:


Resource Geology

Reading Surface and Subsurface Data

Recognizing Potential Geo-Hazards

Reservoir Engineering: Oil and Gas PVT and Chemistry

Reservoir Engineering: Well Deliverability Estimation

Basic Principles of Drilling Operations and Well Design

Formation Evaluation and Logging

Reservoir Geomechanics

Conventional vs. Unconventional Resources

Completion and Workover Technologies

Well Stimulation Technologies

Production Facility Design and Operation

Gas and Oil Treatment, Surface Facilities and Transmission

Course: Environmental Stewardship
Learning Objectives:


Water Use

Environmental – Subsurface

Environmental – Surface

Environmental – Air

Health and Safety

Course: Emerging Trends and Communications
Learning Objectives:


Injection Wells 

Induced Seismicity Concerns 

Subsurface Containment 

Rhetorical Strategies 

Knowing Yourself and Social Strategies 

Difficult Situations 

Labs, Hands-on Activities and Field Trips