Environmental Stewardship and Management Course

The next offering of the Environmental Stewardship course field experience will be held on Mid-September or early October, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA (hosted by)

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Review of Pilot Course

This page reviews the pilot course offered in June, 2014, in State College, PA (Penn State). The mixed classroom and field course consisted of the Environmental Stewardship and Management Course, from our four-course training program for regulators and policymakers.

The goal of the pilot program was to test the online curriculum in a classroom setting, evaluating it and making changes before putting all the material online. The pilot course gave participants practical knowledge to apply on the job. This practical knowledge will also be the core of the online program. Below are some of the specific learning objectives we had in mind in designing this pilot course. These objectives describe what was covered during this session of the course.  The general schedule for the class is listed below as well. 

Learning Objectives

Water Use

Environmental – Subsurface

Environmental – Surface

Environmental – Air

Health and Safety

Sample Schedule

Click here to watch a video and visit our summary page for an overview of Courses 1 and 2, taught in 2013 at the Colorado School of Mines.

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