TOPCORP Completes Pilot Training Program

AUSTIN, TX - December 2014 -- TOPCORP is pleased to announce the successful completion of their pilot training program for regulators and policy makers. Participants completed all four training modules: (1) Petroleum Geology and Engineering Concepts, (2) Petroleum Technology, (3) Environmental Management Technology, and (4) Communications and Hot Topics for Oil and Gas Inspectors. The goal of the program is to give practical knowledge that can be applied on the job. Several regulators completed all four modules.


After an intensive review process, including several rounds of feedback and evaluation from the participants, TOPCORP is now preparing to launch the official training program. This program will consist of the four modules outlined above, and be completed through an innovative online / fieldwork combination approach. Participants will complete each module via a comprehensive on-line classroom which will be followed with hands-on field experiences scheduled throughout the year. Modules must completed sequentially, and the field experience is only available to participants who have achieved a mastery of the online materials.


TOPCORP is now working with the IOGCC on a certification process based on this training.